Partnership with Rockwell Automation a Win-Win for MB Kit Systems Customers

There can’t be too many U.S. manufacturers who haven’t heard of Rockwell Automation.  The Milwaukee provider of industrial automation and information products employs 22,000 people, with global sales and support capabilities, customers in more than 80 countries and sales of more than $6 billion annually.

The company’s product lines have grown tremendously since its days of supplying automatic starters and switches, circuit breakers, relays and other electric equipment during World War I. Today, Rockwell Automation’s capabilities extend to every aspect of the factory floor, including advanced process controls, design & operations software, drive systems, motion control, motor control centers, safety components and more. With continued growth in factory automation, the industrial automation giant is sure to have a hand in the success of many U.S. and global manufacturers.

However, as extensive as the company’s capabilities are, the full implementation of Rockwell Automation’s solutions oftentimes relies on the expertise and assistance of other suppliers.  That’s where its Encompass Partner Program comes in.

Encompass Product Partner Program

Rockwell Automation established its Encompass Partner Program to connect its customers with suppliers of high-quality products that provide functionality not provided by Rockwell Automation products; that enhance and extend the company’s solutions; or that support industries or applications related to the company’s product solutions.

Suppliers included as members of the Encompass Partner Program have passed a rigorous screening process that ensures that Rockwell Automation customers will be working with reputable, sound companies that are committed to product and service quality, have committed to partnering with Rockwell Automation and have complementary marketing strategies.

For Rockwell Automation customers, this program provides several benefits: It provides a one-stop shopping solution, with the assurance of working with the very best suppliers in the industry who can provide the most appropriate manufacturing solutions.

Quality Solutions in Linear Motion, Safety and Aluminum Structures

MB Kit Systems 120 Foot LinearMB Kit Systems has been a member of the Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner Program for the last 9 years, providing its expertise in the areas of machine safety (safety hard guarding and custom enclosures), linear motion (belt-driven linear actuators) and custom aluminum structures (machine bases, frames, workcells).

MB Kit Systems is the only provider of aluminum framing systems and components that is an Encompass Partner Program member and one of just a few mechanical solutions providers included in the program.

In partnering with Rockwell Automation, MB Kit Systems has been able to offer mechanical solutions that extend the capabilities of Rockwell Automation’s products and systems, including belt-driven linear actuators, such as overhead gantries, with stroke lengths up to and exceeding 100 feet.

Among other projects, our expertise in safety guarding and custom machine enclosures enabled us to provide a solution that incorporated Rockwell Automation safety switches, sensors, light curtains and other safety components for a safer depalletizing operation at a national beverage bottling company.

As a member of the Encompass Partner Program, MB Kit Systems works hand-in-hand with Rockwell Automation engineers to develop the most innovative solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges.

Advanced Technology Solutions on Display

MB Kit Systems Sliding Mesh GuardingMB Kit Systems was honored recently with its inclusion in Rockwell Automation’s Connected Enterprise Customer Solution Center in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, which showcases new technologies in the automation and manufacturing industries. 

The technology showcase includes a packaging cell and custom enclosure developed by Combi Packaging Systems, Rexel USA and MB Kit Systems.  Other displays incorporating MB Kit Systems’ expertise in mesh safety guarding and structural frames featured these Rockwell Automation partners: Endress+Hauser, FANUC America, Apex Dynamics, Panduit, Pentair Hoffman, andLinMot USA.

Rockwell Automation and Encompass Partner Program member solutions also are on display at Rockwell Automation On The Move events (RAOTM) throughout the year. For customers interested in learning more about MB Kit Systems’ linear motion, safety guarding and aluminum structures products and capabilities, the company participates in various RAOTM events. 

Visit our events page for our latest trade show schedule or contact MB Kit Systems for assistance with your next project.




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