New tools to improve workplace safety during National Safety Month

National Safety Month 2016

June is National Safety Council’s National Safety Month with the goal to educate individuals and companies about workplace safety best practices. To accomplish this, the NSC provides a variety of tools and resources to help organizations plan for a safer workplace and build safety strategies to reduce unnecessary accidents.

This year, the National Safety Council has introduced three online tools to improve workplace safety which include a Safety Assessment, Employee Safety Perception Survey, as well as an Incident Rate Calculator. With a free membership, the NSC also offers articles, recorded webinars, case studies, an online forum, as well as periodic updates on events and new resources.

OSHA’s Top Safety Violations

OSHA has released their list of Top 10 Safety Citations 2015, splitting them into two categories: Willful and Serious Violations. When comparing the new report with last year’s 2014 stats, the largest increase in Serious Violations categories included: Lockout / Tagout (+292), Respiratory Protection (+96) and Machine Guarding (+40). Serious Violations which saw the sharpest declines include Scaffolding (-252), Electrical / Wiring Methods (-215), and Ladders (-176). OSHA Top 10 Serious Violation 2015
Within the Willful Violations there were fewer total citations relative to Serious Violations, with the largest increases observed in Fall Protection (+45), Scaffolding (+19), and Excavations (+16). There were fewer Willful Violations cited in Lead (-23, no longer in the top 10), Walking-Working Surfaces (-21, no longer in the top 10), and Asbestos (-11). OSHA Top 10 Willful Violations   
Many Ways to Get Involved

There are numerous strategies a company can implement to increase workplace safety. Beyond National Safety Month event, most states have a robust network of local safety councils, regularly scheduled safety workshops, and many companies have established safety teams who are responsible for accurately recording incidents and staying up to date with the latest safety practices. Here in Ohio, nearly every county offers a monthly safety council event that brings together safety teams with experts in workplace safety to provide the latest updates and best practices.

Many states also offer a large annual safety conference, congress, or expo as an annual event to combine workshops with safety solution providers like MB Kit Systems. With a variety of training classes, safety certifications, and opportunities to meet new safety vendors these events have grown in popularity and attendance.

MB Kit Systems: Custom Safety Solution Provider

MB Kit Systems’ engineering team has experience designing effective safety guarding into comprehensive safety solutions. With components designed specifically for safety applications, such as the clamp profile, which secures mesh or rigid panel material into the aluminum profile, MB Kit Systems has been a trusted partner with large manufacturing companies to deliver dependable hard guarding solutions.

With experience across an array of safety projects, including hard guards for assembly lines, safety robot cells, and specialty enclosures for OEM’s, MB Kit Systems designs and builds custom guarding solutions with each application in mind.

Concerned about the safety at a necessary access point to a machine? Don’t be! With MB Kit Systems' TPS platform and stairway system, we have built custom elevated platforms to allow movement around/over existing facility set-ups and equipment. Unlike traditional stairways systems, the TPS system is a bolt-together technology, making it easy to be installed in your facility and updated to grow with workflow optimization and updates.

Contact MB Kit Systems now to start your next safety project!

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