MB Kit Systems celebrates 20 years in Akron, OH

MB Kit Systems Inc., dba item North America, is proud to announce its 20th year anniversary as the first company to offer the item Machine Building System in North America!


As the first U.S. company to provide this innovative aluminum framing system, the sales & engineering teams at MB Kit Systems have unique expertise in designing and building mechanical solutions for a wide range of custom machine building, linear motion, material handling, safety guarding and stair and platform applications.


Even after two decades in Akron, Ohio, MB Kit Systems has continued to improve the capabilities we offer our partner network. Just this year, we added a second Multicam 5000 router, a Haas VF-4 vertical CNC machine, and an upgraded saw to increase production! These additions not only further expand our in-house capabilities beyond assembly of item aluminum framing systems but also enable us to better optimize component processing and decrease turnaround times.


MB Kit Systems

Our technical expertise is matched by our attention to customer service. Our sales team manages each order and project, providing customers with an easy single point of contact. Investments in technology enable us to offer proactive notifications with automatic shipping confirmation emails to ensure customers are informed when their order has shipped, how it’s shipped, and when it’s going to arrive.
Our 20 years serving U.S. manufacturing companies have enabled us to become experts in designing and building effective mechanical solutions. With thousands of completed solutions, we have learned best practices for building machine bases & frames, safety guarding and enclosures, material handling solutions, and belt-driven linear actuators. Partners of MB Kit Systems Inc. in Akron, Ohio, can be confident they are collaborating with the leading item extruded aluminum framing experts in the United States, with the most experience designing and building custom mechanical solutions.
Contact us or call 888-729-4500 for assistance with your next project. 
MB Kit Systems