Most manufacturers and machine builders in the United States are familiar with using structural aluminum for simple tables and benches and even enclosures. There are many providers out there who can produce these basic applications.

However, few companies can design and build structural aluminum solutions to include linear motion and support a linear actuator (or multiple linear actuators). As a result, many American manufacturers are led to believe that their only option for these complex applications is to rely on outdated welded steel. But the truth is, using structural aluminum with complex linear actuator-driven processes is becoming more common and is keeping engineering times and costs down for many.

Combining structural aluminum with linear actuators for machine building and automation

So you know that you can use structural aluminum for enclosures and safety hard guarding, but it can also be used for complex machine building and automation processes. MB Kit Systems is one of the few providers in the country with proven experience designing and building these solutions. In fact, some of the systems that we’ve implemented have been so massive that they’ve needed to support a linear actuator in excess of 200 feet.

We can build even the most customized linear actuators and linear motion solutions. One of our manufacturing customers uses our structural aluminum and linear actuators to achieve linear motion using ball screws and belt-driven actuators. The company demands custom load-bearing, speed, repeatability and precision of its machines andMB Kit Systems was quickly able to help.

By constructing precise 3-axis systems, we were able to help the machine builder achieve precise linear motion. Our engineers built two applications – one composed entirely of ball screws and the other of ball screws and a belt-driven slide. By pairing linear motion and electrical control, we were able to make the machine successful.

Linear actuators drive linear motion machines for success in any industry

So now you know that our structural aluminum applications are robust enough to be used in more than enclosures and safety hard guarding. That’s the good news; the great news is that we have experience working in nearly any industry you can think of – from automotive and aerospace to solar and safety.

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant to explore the capabilities that structural aluminum solutions provide, ask around in your industry. Our partnership in the Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner program has helped increase the popularity of aluminum applications across industries, so you may already be working with one of our partners.

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