One main feature of MB Kit Systems' workbench system, and a key to minimizing user fatigue, is the ability for height adjustability of the entire workbench. When height adjustability is paired with ergonomically designed accessories, each workbench user has all necessary tools comfortably within reach.  Our extruded aluminum system with cross-system compatibility of accessories makes it easy to optimize a workspace while realizing the benefits of ergonomic components. ESD-safe materials guard against electrostatic discharge, making the WBS ideal for electronic assembly applications. 

Our workbench systems makes it easy to implement ergonomic lean production solutions. With a variety of components and aluminum profile, custom workbenches for specialty assembly lines, laboratories, and electronics manufacturing are easy to design and build. The adjustable height functionality of the workbenches, makes them ideal for multi-shift applications with varying personnel sharing a work station.


Ideal Applications for the WBS 

OSHA’s list of laboratory ergonomic practices and suggestions to achieve ideal posture can more easily be followed with an ergonomic workbench. Adjustable mounts for monitors, keyboard, tools, and other equipment enable users to achieve a more comfortable posture with the option to switch between sitting and standing.

The inherent advantages of being a modular system enable an array of accessories and components making the WBS ideal for custom lean production assembly and set-up. These include picking trays, extended arm attachments, easily-integrated flow racks, all enabling the design of individual workbenches to be custom built for a particular task.

Electronic manufacturing is an ideal application for the Work Bench System. With ESD-safe materials and accessories, workbenches can be designed and built with a table, small parts, and accessories, that protect sensitive electronics or microprocessors by eliminating excess static and lowering the potential of an electrostatic discharge. 


Direct Benefits

Health and productivity benefits from using ergonomic and customized workbenches extend beyond lowered fatigue and comfort. OSHA ranks Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) as one of the most common workplace injuries. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, overexertion and repetitive motions in 2010 accounted for one-third of the workplace incidents, costing $16 billion dollars in the United States.

So how can ergonomic workbenches and customized production set-ups benefit the workplace?

Recently, the CDC published research that bolsters the benefits of ergonomic workbenches. With the ability to adjust the height, ergonomic workbench users can counteract the negative consequences of sitting at work. This increased movement can increase circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. The CDC study also highlighted a link between reducing the time spent sitting at work and increased back health and mood.

These benefits are not limited to office jobs. Production and assembly personnel also benefit from the adaptability of a adjustable height desk. With the option to switch between sitting and standing, a user of an ergonomic workbench can increase movement maximizing comfort. The range of add-ons, including extended picking tray arms, tool hangers, high quality LED lights, all help to minimize strains and fatigue. Adjustable arms are available to reduce over-extension of muscles and ergonomic designs which help lessen the damage due to repetitive motion. 


Ergonomics is not just a buzzword, but a scientifically supported set of practices and design features. Our ergonomic workbench system can improve productivity, increase worker well-being, minimize fatigue and extend the utility of any workspace. Allow one of our experienced engineers to design a custom ergonomic workbench solution for your exact application at no cost.

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