MB Kit Systems celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2016 as the largest U.S. distributor of extruded aluminum profiles and fastener systems from item Industrietechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH of Solingen, Germany

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Enable Innovative Hotel Breakfast Bar

Most people associate aluminum extrusion profiles with a variety of industrial applications, like material handling equipment, safety hard guarding, linear motion systems and machine building.

breakfast nook made from extruded aluminum profiles

But, the ingenuity of a Michigan-based construction company and engineers at MB Kit Systems, plus the willingness of an Embassy Suites hotel, has pushed the use of aluminum extrusion framing into a much more public role – hotel furniture. 

MB Kit Systems was asked to design a portable, custom enclosure and breakfast bar, made entirely out of structural aluminum and polycarbonate panels, that would be located in the Novi, Mich., Embassy Suites atrium.

Over the course of several months, MB Kit Systems engineers collaborated with the construction company on various ideas and designs. Within six weeks of the initial discussions, Solid Edge drawings, 3D models and quotes were submitted for approval.

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MB Kit Systems Partners with Glide-Line Conveyors

MB Kit Systems & Glide-Line conveyors logo

MB Kit Systems Inc. has expanded its material handling solutions capabilities with the addition of Glide-Line configurable panel and pallet handling conveyors.

As an expert at engineered custom mechanical solutions,including linear actuators, custom assembly linesmaterial handling carts, machine basessafety hard guarding, custom machine enclosoures, factory stairs and platforms and ergonomic workstations, MB Kit Systems continues to seek out product innovations that improve its customers’ production efficiencies with flexible, scalable, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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MB Kit Systems Inc. to Discontinue Use of item North America Name

MB Kit Systems logo

MB Kit Systems Inc., a provider of custom-engineered mechanical hardware solutions for industrial applications, today announced that the company, previously known as dba item North America, will discontinue that name and do business as MB Kit Systems Inc. The change will be effective March 1, 2017. There will be no change in ownership, management or the number of employees, and the company’s address and facilities will remain the same.

MB Kit Systems Inc. designs and constructs extruded aluminum mechanical solutions, including linear actuators, material handling systems, machine bases and safety hard guarding, for a wide range of industrial applications in the United States and globally.

For the past 20 years, the company has done business as item North America. However, throughout this time the formal company name has always been MB Kit Systems Inc. The name change represents a recommitment to the company’s roots as a full service mechanical hardware solutions provider. 

“Throughout our history, we’ve provided customers with more than just mechanical hardware. We’re a complete solutions provider that delivers deep engineering expertise as well,” says MB Kit Systems’ President Eveline Nordhauss. “Going forward we will use the name MB Kit Systems Inc. to reflect our custom-engineered systems approach.”

For more information, visit www.mbkitsystems.com or call 888-729-4500.

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Custom Machining Expands with Additional CNC Router

At MB Kit Systems in Akron, Ohio, we’re proud to announce we have doubled our panel processing capacity with a second CNC Router. The design and processing of custom panels are a core service offered. Panels are utilized for enclosures, workstations, tabletops, testing rigs, and other mechanical solutions. Depending on the application, specific panel materials will be suggested by engineers to ensure the most appropriate materials are used.

If you have a structure, guard, or machine with panels built by MB Kit Systems, then it was likely processed on one of two routers in Akron, Ohio. Tailoring to our diverse customer base, including original equipment manufacturers and end users across many industries,we are able to quickly process custom panel solutions from a variety of materials.


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