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Modular, Scalable Material Handling Conveyors

MB Kit Systems has partnered with Glide-Line to provide end-to-end material handling solutions that incorporate Glide-Line’s innovative, modular material handling conveyors for pallet and panel handling.

Like the extruded aluminum machine building system that MB Kit System utilizes for many of its mechanical solutions, Glide-Line is a modular and versatile system that addresses the needs of customers seeking material handling conveyors and pallet-handling solutions. The Glide-Line system is robust, reliable and highly configurable, reimagined from the basic design principles of antiquated conveyor systems from decades ago.

The Glide-Line pallet and panel conveyor system combines modularity with precision engineering. Combined with MB Kit Systems’ expertise in engineering mechanical solutions from extruded aluminum framing and components, MB Kit Systems can provide comprehensive material handling systems for assembly operations and automation, or to improve existing workflows.

MB Kit Systems uses a complex configurator to design and quote the exact Glide-Line conveyor needed for your plant configuration and application. This streamlines the production process, enabling MB Kit Systems to deliver the best system for your needs in the shortest amount of time.

10 Reasons to Use Glide-Line and MB Kit Systems for your next Material Handling Conveyor Solution

  1. The foundation of the Glide-Line pallet handling system is a twin-strand conveyor designed to transport workpiece pallets from workstation to workstation.
  2. Unparalleled modularity -- With more than 600,000 standard configurations and online tools to design new conveyor systems, Glide-Line enables highly engineered solutions for your material handling needs.
  3. A 24VDC direct drive option for ultra-quiet, maintenance-free operation, with the absence of a gearbox and connecting shafts providing ultimate design flexibility.
  4. Glide-Line pallet and panel conveyors travel at speeds of up to 70 meters / 230 feet per minute.
  5. Service work can be performed from above the pallet and panel conveyors, without removing fasteners, making it ideal for confined spaces or adding to existing machines with limited space. This also means less downtime to workflows.
  6. Rolling elements use precision ball bearings adding to quiet and maintenance-free operation.
  7. All Glide-Line systems incorporate T5 timing belts, made with steel tension members that provide positive drive, durability and reduced maintenance.
  8. Glide-Line material handling conveyors received independent certification for cleanroom environments, up to Class 100 and ISO Class 5.
  9. For operations that require critical positioning of varying width products, Glide-Line’s centerline adjustability is the ideal fit, providing increased precision for a range applications.
  10. Working with MB Kit Systems provides one-stop shopping for your conveyor and material handling needs.

MB Kit Systems’ in-house engineers can assist your company in designing flexible, scalable, custom material handling systems that maximize your production facility’s footprint and improve operational efficiencies, by incorporating a variety of linear motion components, assembly lines, roller conveyors, material handling racks and carts, lean production workbenches, and the Glide-Line innovative dual-track pallet and panel handling system. The modular design and simple construction of Glide-Line systems enables safety guarding or custom machine enclosures to be added to any material handling solution.

For assistance in designing custom material handling solutions using the modular systems, contact MB Kit Systems or call 888-729-4500.