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Material Handling Carts

MB Kit Systems has extensive experience designing and building custom material handling carts for efficient component transportation across a variety of industries. MB Kit Systems is often approached as the first choice to design specific material handling solutions across many industries. We have become the first choice for many automobile manufacturers for automotive sub-assembly transportation and component presentation for automated assembly robots.

With experience in part presentation and component transportation between manufacturing process stages, MB Kit Systems’ staff has the knowledge to provide an immediate overview of your application with suggestions for industrial cart utilization and design. With over 300 aluminum extrusion profiles for framing and thousands of components to select from, comprehensive multi-functionality is able to be built into an initial material handling cart design. This consolidation of multiple processes speeds up the overall design process, saving time and money.

After a custom material handling cart solution has been finalized, MB Kit Systems’ excellent customer service continues with fast turnaround times and constant project updates. The same facility as our engineering team houses stock of the most popular components of the Machine Building Kit System. With the large stock of material, in-house machining and a full-time staff of assembly technicians, MB Kit Systems is capable of building large quantities with fast turnaround times. With single quantities to hundreds, we can quickly scale to accommodate your demands for the most appropriate industrial cart solution. Each assembly is checked off by the design engineer, ensuring your custom material handling cart is built fast and correct.

Contact MB Kit Systems to inquire how we can grow your workflow efficiency and add value to your next material handling cart project. When possible, please provide us with an .STP file. If a 3D model is not available, please provide an illustration with critical dimensions, any specific component materials, environment, and any other pertinent information for MB Kit Systems’ engineering team to provide you with a comprehensive material handling solution.

Contact MB Kit Systems or call 888-729-4500 for your custom industrial cart or other material handling solutions.