MB Kit System Technical Data and Catalog

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Specifications and technical data on over 300 extruded aluminum profiles and thousands of components

Whether you’re looking for specific dimensions, tolerances, capabilities or compatibility, or browsing for that perfect extruded aluminum t-slot profile or component for a particular application... the comprehensive MB8 catalog is an excellent place to start. You can download the electronic version below, use the online catalog, or contact us for a hardcopy to be sent to you immediately. 

The MB Building Kit Catalog for Mechanical Engineering is divided into chapters based on the part category or application. Most essential for the MB Building Kit system are the profiles and accessories, segmented into Lines 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 (referring to the t-slot groove width and compatibility of components).

The segments of T-Slot Nuts, and Screws and Universal Fasteners contain all the fundamental fasteners with a wide range of aluminum t-slot nuts and specialty fasteners for specific applications.

Panel Fasteners, along with Enclosures, Guards and Partitions, Hinges and Fittings, Handles and Grips, Locks and Catches, Panel Elements, and Floor Elements, include a wide range of standard materials and components to build machine and enclosure assemblies.

Conveyors include roller conveyor and other dynamic components to design customized material handling structures and machines.

Machine Accessories and Installation Elements include a range of workbench and workstation components including conduit profiles for conveniently installing wires, cables, and switches.

The Linear Slides and Mechanical Drive Elements include the various dynamic components that we use to design and build linear actuators and elaborate belt-driven systems.

Components Made of Special Materials include special application 40x40 profiles made from materials like steel and a KH composite material, that is electrically insulating.

New Products

Line XMS: A line of profiles and components which feature a closed outer surface and sharper edges so they are easier to clean and will provide tight sealing doors.

TPS: Stairway-Platform-System includes the components to make platforms, bridges and stairways to optimize access in an unusual workspace.

Ergonomic Work Bench System: Ergonomic workbenches created from over 30 years of designing custom working environments. Innovative components ensure an optimized handling area to maximize productivity. Line D30: A system of rounded aluminum tubes that can be assembled into light weight applications. D30 is compatible with the profile 6 grooves.

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