T-slot Nuts and Fasteners Enable Easy Machine Frame Reconfigurations

Each t-slot nut has been designed from the start to take advantage of the inclined groove flanks of each profile, creating a lock effect for a secure connection. From the most common standard fasteners, to versatile universal fasteners, and even the no-machine automatic fasteners, the core of all fasteners is the high quality t-slot nut.

The Machine Building Kit System includes a range of t-slot nuts, many designed for specific applications or to work with particular components. The workhorse across all of the extruded aluminum profile lines is the T-Slot Nut St. The spring ball-bearing within the t-slot nut St and many of our other t-slot nuts offer easy roll-in installation into an exposed profile groove. This allows for additional profiles, accessories, and components to be added without requiring disassembly of an existing frame.

With item’s no-machining-required Automatic Fasteners, attaching additional profiles is a breeze when an exposed profile groove is available. The first step is threading a self-tapping barrel into the end of the new profile, then inserting a socket-head cap screw through the barrel, and finally connecting it to the t-slot nut on the connecting profiles.

Both Automatic Fasteners and Universal Fasteners are adjustable and can be installed anywhere along an exposed profile groove. The suggested use of both fasteners is in pairs, opposite one another on the profile end. When used with the standard roll-in t-slot nut, these fasteners are ideal for updating existing machine frames, without disassembly of the frame for fastener installation.

While Universal Fasteners offer many of the same advantages of the Automatic Fasteners, the biggest difference is method of anchoring it into the new profile. While the Automatic Fastener can be threaded into the profile groove, the Universal Fastener requires a stepped-bore machining process to anchor the fastener “banjo.” The Universal Fastener is adjustable, enabling repeated repositioning and modifications. These fasteners resist strong forces and machine vibrations.

The Standard Fastener is the core fastener of machine builders around the world. When non-adjustable connections are not necessary, standard fasteners offer a simple and intuitive solution.

For Standard Fasteners, the only machining required is a standard tap into the core bore of the t-slotted aluminum profiles, and a clearance hole in the other piece of profile to secure the fastener’s connection.

The standard connecting plate needs to be arranged in the direction that the profile will slide into the groove of the other piece of profile. Standard Fasteners are recommended for each core bore for heavier-duty applications that use larger pieces of profile.


Additional Fasteners
Other fasteners for specialty applications include: Heavy-duty Hinges, Angle Brackets, Click Fasteners, and Butt Fasteners. Each fastener has been designed to offer unsurpassed consistency. This enables builders and designers to be confident when utilizing the Machine Building Kit System.

The strength and reliability of profiles and fasteners are the foundation for the Machine Building Kit System. The high-quality t-slotted extruded aluminum profiles, accompanied with the fasteners and accessories, enable machine frames to be designed confidently. These fasteners are a product of many years of research, development, and experience working with extruded aluminum. The results are solutions with reliable connections, at less weight, and an unparalleled versatility to accommodate diverse capabilities.

Selecting the most appropriate fasteners can be a daunting task when browsing the wide variety of fasteners. MB Kit Systems makes it easy by offering no-cost design services from expert engineers. For more information, call 888-729-4500 or fill out our form here.