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Custom Machine Enclosures

MB Kit Systems excels in designing and constructing precise safety hard guarding and custom application enclosures. Our in-house stock of several panel materials includes aluminum sheet panels, polycarbonate, and a variety of other plastics. Additionally, MB Kit Systems offers a variety of aluminum and steel mesh. We ensure fast turnaround build times by fully machining all components in-house with a CNC router, a vertical CNC, a mesh sheer, and utilizing a large assembly area with expert assembly technicians to build these custom solutions.

MB Kit Systems has contributed to a wide variety of special application enclosure projects. We have worked with end users, manufacturers, and large project teams to design precise machine guarding solutions. Working with the entire item International product line and a variety of panel materials available, we have the resources and capabilities to provide a precise solution for most safety enclosure applications. The extensive set of hinges, handles, panel, and lock components ensure we’re able to design easy and safe access as needed.

Don’t settle for standard enclosure sizes or configurations. Maximize productivity by minimizing machine downtime with custom machine enclosures designed for your precise application. With safe and easy access only where needed, worker injury can be minimized.

MB Kit Systems also has experience in design and construction of cleanroom enclosure components. We are able to design and assemble structural components, as well as supply accessories to be used in cleanroom and ESD environments.

The benefits of the item Machine Building Kit System goes beyond customizing the dimensions and materials of a custom enclosure. One of the many long-term benefits of the modular system allows for machine enclosures to simply be disassembled and reassembled with workflow updates as needed. This flexibility of design allows for machines and workflow processes to grow with innovations over the long term.

With over 300 aluminum extrusion profiles and thousands of components, give MB Kit Systems' experienced in-house engineering team the opportunity to design a custom safety guarding solution for your precise machine  enclosure application. When possible, please provide us with an .STP file. If a 3D model is not available, please provide an illustration with critical dimensions, any specific components or materials, and any other pertinent information for MB Kit Systems’ engineering team to provide you with a custom machine enclosure solution.

Contact MB Kit Systems or call 888-729-4500 for assistance with your custom machine enclosure or safety guarding projects.


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