Think safety! - During National Safety Month, with item North America.

The National Safety Council’s National Safety Month provides us with an opportunity to reflect on workplace safety. 

National Safety Month hosted by the National Safety Council

OSHA publishes a range of reports on safety issues and violations throughout the country. Reviewing the Top 10 Most Cited Violations offers an opportunity to identify and address the most common work safety concerns that appear on this list year after year. By adhering to OSHA’s guidelines, companies can proactively minimize the number and severity of worker injuries and prevent fines and penalties by OSHA.


item North America’s engineering team has experience designing effective safety guarding into comprehensive safety solutions. While a lack of machine guarding is cited as the 9th most frequent violation by OSHA, it is considered the 6th most frequent “serious” violation and the 4th most frequent “willful” violation.



Top 10 'Serious' Violations, 2014

OSHA defines a “serious” violation as “one in which there is substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result, and the employer knew or should have known of the hazard.”

OSHA Top 10 'Serious' Violations 2014

Top 10 'Willful' Violations, 2014

OSHA defines a “willful” violation as one “committed with an intentional disregard of orplain indifference to the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and requirements.”

OSHA Top 10 'Serious' Violations, 2014


item North America specializes in designing and assembling machine guarding for manufacturing automation equipment and production facilities. Whether planning a future expansion of a production line or needing to protect an existing workspace, item’s safety guarding can be customized to fit your exact dimensions, leaving no gaps in worker safety.

Lab-Enclosure, just one example of the custom enclosures MB Kit Systems can put together.

In addition to safety hard guarding, item North America can design and build other mechanical safety solutions, including walking/working surfaces; another Top 10 cited willful violation. One of item’s newest product lines, the TPS Stairway and Platform System, offers solutions for elevated work platforms and mezzanines. TPS can be assembled without interrupting workflows, saving time and money with zero downtime.


Take advantage of item North America’s no-cost engineering and experienced assembly team. We make it easy for companies to implement customized safety solutions for machine guarding and stairways & platforms that improve worker safety and adhere to OSHA standards.


For more information, contact item North America.


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