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The demand for linear actuators has grown with the wave of industrial automation, becoming an essential capability for engineers across many industries and applications.

item North America’s engineering team specializes in custom belt-driven linear motion solutions. Many of the 300+ profiles within the item Machine Building Kit System can be utilized for linear actuators, enabling a wide array of linear motion systems to be custom designed. item's linear motion components make it very simple.

item North America has built many belt-driven linear actuators with travel distances beyond 100 feet, transporting loads from a few ounces to thousands of pounds. Linear motion projects have included: packaging machinery, laboratory automation, test fixtures, water jets, laser cutting applications, welding operations and other applications in which quiet operation, smooth motion, and consistency are a priority. item linear actuators have precise repeatability and accuracy to within +/-0.015mm and +/-0.45mm respectively.

Belt Driven Linear Motion Carriage on a Machine Frame

Dual Belt Driven Linear Actuator within a frame


item International’s breakthrough into linear motion began in 1988, with shaft clamp profile and accompanying linear components. item’s dynamic components continue to be utilized by engineers around the world to design custom linear motion systems that are not limited to predefined actuators. Instead, linear motion is integrated into the structural support for gantries and machine bases allowing for precise solutions for each application. This compatibility across item’s Machine Building Kit System allows for unsurpassed versatility when designing comprehensive mechanical linear motion systems for complex machines and workflows.


Below, you can see how, from a few components a belt-driven linear actuator can be completely easily.


Just a few simple steps:


1. Put shaft clamp profile and guide shaft into the groove of item aluminum profile.



2. Add the carriage to the linear guide. Many of them come preassembled, but customized carriages can be put together for your specific loads and purposes.

3. Add the timing reverse unit to both sides of the profile. First, by pulling the belt through the profile and then fastening the two ends together. This creates tight and secured movement for the carriage, ready to be a customized linear motion system.


It is clear to see why item’s linear actuators are a great modular system that can solve many mechanical problems. We can also provide any machining needs for motor mounts to get an actuator moving. item North America’s engineering team has extensive experience designing solutions for quick part and material transportation

as well as positioning applications.



Learn more about item’s belt-driven linear actuators and linear motion systems or contact item North America for assistance with your linear motion project.

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