Industrial Robots & Automation: How to Combine Structural Aluminum with Cartesian Robots for Faster Processes

Regardless of your industry, it’s likely that you’ve considered using industrial robots to improve automation and speed processes within your manufacturing and assembly. Using a Cartesian robot or other industrial robots not only saves time and money, but it allows workers the opportunity to focus on processes where human interaction is needed.

But when you combine industrial robot technology with structural aluminum material, you double the number of improvements you can make to your production and processes. Not sure where to get started? Let us walk you through the process in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Design and engineer your Cartesian robot and structural aluminum processes for success

Because the uses of industrial robots are wide and varied, it’s important to find the right place to start. Industrial robots can be used for pick and place, packaging or assembly processes and operations across industries. They fit nicely into structural aluminum-based processes and combine for a light-weight but robust operation.

If you are unsure of the best place to use industrial robots and/or structural aluminum, item North America can help. In fact, we can help you design and engineer your next Cartesian robot, industrial robot, gantry robot or material handling robot.

Step 2: Consider combining your industrial robot and structural aluminum in a linear motion process

Because our industrial robots use precision t-slots to fit hardened steel shafts, we can create linear motion in the X, Y and/or Z axis. Depending on your need, XYZ directional movement can take place in vertical or horizontal positions and can be designed to move a few ounces or thousands of pounds.

Additionally, a Cartesian robot or a linear robot is capable of reaching every single point within a work envelope at an extremely reasonable cost. Even the most complex applications can be improved with the help of structural aluminum and industrial robots.

Putting industrial robots into action for faster delivery and lower costs

Improving manufacturing and assembly processes through robotics is not a new concept. However, recent improvements to industrial robot technology and the use of supporting materials like structural aluminum have made the concept more appealing.

Using a Cartesian robot to complete a linear motion process makes for a quick and precise outcome. And using structural aluminum to support these robots mean that you can make changes and innovations faster than you could with traditional welded steel structures. In the end, the combination results in faster, more accurate processes, and lower end-to-end costs for your operations. Ready to learn more? Contact item North America for help getting started.