At item North America in Akron, Ohio, we’re proud to announce we have doubled our panel processing capacity with a second CNC Router. The design and processing of custom panels are a core service offered by item North America. Panels are utilized for enclosures, workstations, tabletops, testing rigs, and other mechanical solutions item North America’s engineers design. Depending on the application, specific panel materials will be suggested by engineers to ensure the most appropriate materials are used.

If you have a structure, guard, or machine with panels built by item North America, then it was likely processed on one of two routers in Akron, Ohio. Tailoring to our diverse customer base, including original equipment manufacturers and end users across many industries, item North America is able to quickly process custom panel solutions from a variety of materials.


Common Materials

High-pressure laminated plastics are the most common and diverse material stocked at item North America. With many colors and thicknesses available, machine builders across various industries have made the switch to the consistent, durable, and customizable plastic options when designing and building modern day industrial machines.

The plastic material is a resin-bonded cellulose laminate that is permanently laminated at high pressure and temperature. Most commonly used in 4mm or 10mm thicknesses, it is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and impact making it particularly suitable for high use and wear applications. The melamine resin surface is available with varying colors and is easy to clean.


Special Application Materials 

Similar to the components across item’s Machine Building Kit System, many panel materials have specific attributes for particular applications, including a number of electrostatic discharge (ESD) materials. ESD materials lower the potential for electrostatic discharge and are commonly used as workbench surfaces for electronic assembly operations.

Aluminum sheet metal and aluminum compound materials are also materials commonly used for specific applications. With the router’s automatic tool changers, custom panels can be cut, processed, and edges chamfered with one continuous process. This enables us to maximize capacity to produce custom panels on a large scale for high quantity projects.

In addition to custom panels, item North America is also capable of making precise cuts and machining into the extruded aluminum profiles from item’s Machine Building Kit System. With custom jigs developed in-house, item North America offers a wide range of precise solutions for openings, notches, through-holes, custom brackets, and mounting plates from extruded aluminum profiles.


Standard Machining Capabilities 

In addition to the routers, item North America’s Akron, Ohio facility has an optimized machine shop with custom equipment for efficient processing of extruded aluminum profiles and other materials. With standard cutting tolerances of +/- 0.1mm for extruded aluminum profiles, every project begins with precisely machined components. With a sheet metal shear, we can process mesh panels for safety hard guarding or safety partitions just as quickly as panels on the router.

The team of experienced engineers and skilled machinists collaborate to deliver precise solutions. Learn more about common applications utilizing custom panels from item North America for custom enclosures, machining openings into the extruded aluminum profile for unique frames for machine building, or non-standard shapes for material handling carts. 

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