Big Belt-Driven Linear Actuators Expand Reach of Pick & Place System

MB Kit Systems has developed linear actuators similar to the one pictured here that can travel more than 125 feet in length.

A custom automation machine builder is pushing the limits of linear motion technology with belt-driven linear actuators from MB Kit Systems that could reach 200 feet in length later this year.

The automation machine company recently retooled its pick and place robots to replace welded, painted steel components with linear actuators made from less costly extruded aluminum profiles that can be integrated with the company’s advanced laser technology.

The MB Kit System linear actuators provided were required to meet an arduous set of specifications and performance standards for this global company.


The Customer's Application

  • This MB Kit Systems linear actuator is used as part of a pick & place system that can travel at 70 inches per second.
    This customer’s system transports material that is multi-dimensional in nature and can be used for both inline and side loading cutting devices, with picking accuracy to 1/32 inch, at travel speeds of 70 inches per second.
  • This customer’s pick and place system is the only one in the industry using laser technology to achieve such high levels of accuracy.
  • The customer’s pick and place robots, designed for feeding raw materials into a cutting operation,  are attached to custom-designed belt-driven linear actuators from MB Kit Systems.
  • The customer’s pick and place retrieval system features both a right- and left-hand feed system with an extremely small footprint, maximizing production flexibility while minimizing production floor space requirements.
  • The customer’s upgraded pick and place system offers unmatched reliability at one-third the cost of comparable systems. 
  • The customer’s gripping system is able to pick up and transport the desired material from outdoor storage locations, where the material oftentimes can be wet or have surface ice, and can maintain grip even with surface imperfections or other material blemishes.

MB Kit Systems' Linear Actuators

This linear actuator was developed for a specialty machine building company that develops pick & place systems for a particular industry.

MB Kit Systems provides this customer linear motion systems with single or multiple carriages on a single actuator.  Since 2014, MB Kit Systems has provided the customer multiple, big linear units of 50, 56, 60, 70, 80, 86 and 125 feet in length, and anticipates building its first 200-foot unit this Fall.

Most of the linear actuators are constructed using 14mm hardened steel shafts and 50mm drive belts. Units are disassembled and shipped in 6 meter (20 foot) sections, which are easily assembled at the final location.

Contact MB Kit Systems or call 888-729-4500 for assistance in designing your custom linear motion systems.

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