MB Kit Systems in Akron, Ohio

Aluminum Framing System Replaces Welded Steel

The original item GmbH teamMB Kit Systems uses a high-quality, t-slotted extruded aluminum framing system, developed by item industrietechnik GmbH, of which MB Kit Systems President Eveline Nordhauss was one of the first employees. This alternative to welded steel is what enables MB Kit Systems to design and build a wide array of mechanical solutions. MB Kit Systems has access to more than 300 high-quality, extruded aluminum t-slotted profiles and thousands of innovative fasteners, accessories, and components that it uses to design and build a variety of mechanical systems, including custom machines, linear motion systems, assembly lines, material handling carts, safety guarding, custom enclosures and more.

item’s Machine Building Kit System has many inherent benefits compared to welded steel. One core benefit is time and labor savings during the planning and processing required for machine assembly. With item’s extruded aluminum framing system, there is no need to weld, no need to debur after each cut, no weld splatter to clean, no need to paint, and no concern of rust. The T-6061 aluminum is relatively easy to process without expensive equipment and assembled solutions are easily assembled and updated - typically with only one tool!

Bolt-together technology allows for unparalleled modularity. With a wide array of interchangeable fasteners and components, modularity is a core characteristic of the aluminum framing system making machine updates easy and straightforward. The profiles feature exposed t-slot grooves that make adding onto frames for machine updates quick and easy. All five groove sizes of the aluminum profile are compatible with one another, enabling streamlined design and construction.

The engineers at item GmbH are constantly working on innovative new product offerings. Companies around the world have offered feedback, leading to the expansion of the t-slotted aluminum framing system through innovative product lines and components, exponentially adding to the solution range we offer. With core capabilities having grown beyond machine bases and frames, typical solutions now include belt-driven linear actuators, integrating linear motion into support frames, roller and flat belt conveyors, safety guarding, custom enclosures, adjustable height workbenches, as well as stairway and platform systems.

item’s high-quality Machine Building Kit System is not the only value MB Kit Systems offers. Based in Akron, Ohio, MB Kit Systems offers no-cost engineering services, as well as an experienced sales team with customer service a first priority. For more information, call 888-729-4500 or fill out our form here.


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